Are you ready to GET STARTED with the implementation of 5210 in your community?

The 5210 Training tools and Implementation Guide are posted here. If you are interested in implementing the 5210 campaign, the Clearinghouse is interested in helping you!

Please call 1-877-382-9185 or email 5210@psu.edu

How Training Can Help You!

Training the 5210 Point of Contact (POC) in your Military or non-Military community will equip the POC to implement a strong campaign as well as increase confidence for successfully promoting the 5210 concepts and strategies! Using sound implementation science, including well-designed training tools, to drive your programming efforts will have the most positive impact on your community.

Healthy Military Children POC Training Portal

Coming Soon: Healthy Children POC Training Portal

Why Evaluate Your Program?

An evaluation plan can help identify whether this campaign is meeting the needs of your community, as well as justify any costs incurred in the implementation of the program. The Clearinghouse can help you develop an evaluation plan to ensure the program components are meeting your goals.